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Welcome to Indiana's Premier Baseball Club

You've discovered the home of one of Indiana's finest youth select clubs under the direction of the Bandits Youth Foundation, Inc.  Bandits Baseball  is in its 18th year of providing training for players ages 8 to 18.  Bandits teams are not about winning at all cost, but rather seeing the "big picture" of  a player's career.  The Bandits stress fundamentals, knowledge and playing the game the right way.  We're here to assist the player with achieving their goals, whether it be playing high school baseball or softball; college baseball or softball, or possibly beyond.  The Bandits' program has produced scores of talented high school players and almost as many college players in the past 16 years.  Feel free to browse our site and contact us if you should have any questions.  Our mailing address is P.O.Box 156, Greenfield IN 46140.

2014-2015 TRYOUTS



Tryouts for the upcoming 2014-2015 Season are complete for the 8u - 14u.  If you are still interested and would like to see if positions are still available for either players or coaches, please contact Ron Roberts at ronroberts1123@gmail.com or 317.833.2221  For more information concerning the 15u-18u age groups, please contact Bruce Fenimore at blfjrf@frontier.com or 765.561.0521

16U Team Places 2nd at Anderson University 4th of July Tournament

The 16 U Team finished runner-up in the Anderson University 4th of July Tournament. They won their first two games. In the Championship game, they lost 6 to 5.

11U Coaching Position for 2014-15 Season

06/09/2014, 10:30pm EDT
By Mike Wright

11U Coaching Positions Available

Head coach and assistant coaching positions are available for the 1U baseball team for 2014-2015 season. Please contact Randall Shephard at 317-498-0031 or email: shepherdrags@comcast.net. Ron Roberts at 317.833.2221 or email: ronroberts1123@gmail.com.

3 Life Lessons from Baseball

04/29/2014, 10:30am EDT
By All Pro Dad

“Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal.” – George Will. There are life lessons to learn from all sports (except maybe badminton), but by far, baseball is comprised of all life lessons rolled up into one game. As if we are the batter and the pitcher is life, we stand with our cleats dug in the dirt waiting for the next pitch. Until the ball releases from the hand, it is a mystery as to what will come next. With each at bat, we gain new experience that will further us along the path of life. Here are 3 life lessons to be taken from America’s favorite pastime.

1. Patience is a Virtue
In most cases, it is in our best interest not to rush things. The desire for instant gratification is so prevalent today that there is little feeling of true reward or joy. We just gobble up what we can get in that moment and move on to the next. That is a highly destructive and unsustainable pattern. Patience is a Godly virtue and something we are instructed to practice. The very best hitters in baseball average hitting the ball only 3 times out of 10. It takes great patience and discipline for long term success in baseball as well as life.
2. How to Deal with Pressure
It requires laser focus to hit a pitch thrown by a major league pitcher. The batter can’t focus on anything else but staying disciplined to his hitting approach. It takes .45 seconds for a fastball to arrive in the catcher’s mitt, and the batter can’t be distracted by doubt or fear. Nor can he be guided by emotions or irrational thought. He must stay focused under the intense pressure to succeed. Buckling under pressure in marriage, parenting, and life is where we get into trouble. We must stay focused on our commitments and stay true to our goals.
3. Teamwork Wins Championships
Baseball is a very long season and it is impossible to have a great team that plays only as individuals. Talent will carry a team only so far, but when the critical moments arrive, it takes an entire team working as one to come out on top. It is the same way in life with our marriages, our roles as parents, or our careers; it requires great teamwork to get where we want to go. Baseball is a very hard game to play, and fulfilling lives are very difficult to lead. Everyone involved has to work together for a common purpose.

12U Bandits win Black Sox Early Bird Tournament

04/28/2014, 10:00am EDT
By Pat Taylor

The 12U Bandits went 2-0 in pool play to secure #1 seed going into Sunday.  They fended off Indiana Irish in semi's and won the championship game against Pony Express.  For more on the story and pictues, go to Our Teams, Baseball Teams and 12U page.


9u Indiana Bandits win 2014 Rumble in The Jungle

9U American Bandits Win Rumble In The Jungle

03/23/2014, 9:15pm EDT
By Mike Wright

The 9U Indiana Ameircan Bandits defeated the Rushville Red Storm 10-2in to win the 2014 Rumble in the Jungle in Shelbyville, IN. The Bandits were 4-0 in the tournament. Great job Bandits!

Gibson wins No. 5 spot in Twins Pitching Rotation

03/21/2014, 9:15pm EDT
By Posted by: La Velle E. Neal III, Twins Insider, 03.21.2014

Greenfield grad, the original Bandit, will be 5th starting pitcher in rotation to start this MLB season

The Twins have settled on their starting rotation for the 2014 season.

The club is expected to announce that, barring late developments, righthanders Ricky Nolasco, Kevin Correia, Phil Hughes, Mike Pelfrey and Kyle Gibson will open the season as starters one through five. Right hander Samuel Deduno, who has a 2.19 ERA this spring, will start the season in the bullpen.

Gibson comes out of the pack of contenders to nab a rotation spot after posting a 2.70 ERA in four outings (two starts). In 13.1 innings, Gibson has given up four earned runs on 10 hits and three walks with six strikeouts. He went 2-4 with a 5.63 ERA in 10 starts last season, his first taste of major league action. He vowed to come to spring training a different pitcher, and he has.

The Twins also feel that it's time to give Gibson a shot, as the former first-round pick is 26 years old.

Gibson's chances of making the rotation didn't look good when camp opened, as Scott Diamond, Vaance Worley, and Dedundo are all out of options. Diamond posted a 5.79 ERA and Worley 13.50.

Eight Leadership Strategies from Clint Hurdle, Manager of Year

03/18/2014, 11:00am EDT
By Posted by Jeff Farren, former Bandits coach

Great advice that coaches and parents can follow, pass onto players

With spring right around the corner (think positive!), my thoughts turn to baseball. I love baseball for many reasons, and among them are the life lessons the game provides. Every player knows why baseball is called ‘a game of failure.’ Major leaguers can make 7 outs in 10 at bats and reach the Hall of Fame (gambling and PEDs aside). Players understand that to succeed they must put past failures aside and focus on the next pitch, the next play.

I am now watching, and sometimes helping, my three teenage sons as they try to master the game. I should say, as they try to excel in the game because true mastery will elude them as it eludes all players. In the film ‘A League of Their Own,” when one of his players observed that ‘baseball is hard,’ manager Jimmy Dugan replied, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard…is what makes it great”

Clint Hurdle, the current Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, describes Eight Leadership Strategies that he used to become the 2013 MLB Manager of the Year. These strategies will be featured in an upcoming book by Patti Johnson.

Here are few of Hurdle’s core beliefs on how to be a trusted leader:

1. Leadership never takes a day off. You have to model leadership every single day. Actions matter a lot more than your words. Everyday repetition is critical.

2. Players have to trust you before you can coach them. Hurdle explained, “Players have to believe you can help them get better. But it starts with trust. They want to be seen as more than a fast left-hander. They need to know that you are care about them as individuals and what is going on in their lives.”

3. Listen before you change anything. When you start with a new baseball club, or group, Hurdle starts by asking questions and then listening. Hurdle said, “Why wouldn’t I? Do I know everything already? Why take the time? Because they will know I care. And I want to gather enough information before I know the changes I want to make.”

4. Leading can be lonely. Making tough decisions is hard and it can be a lonely place. That is part of it.

5. Let voices be heard. Hurdle explained, “I always say if you don’t speak up, you can’t complain. I need to hear your voice.” He has used an open communication technique called ‘Three up, three down.’ He asks players to share three things going well and three things that aren’t. This is a way for him to hear from each player regularly, even if it is uncomfortable for them at first.

6. Three encouragements for one negative. Remember to encourage with honesty. Share where improvement is needed, but also share what has gone well too. See the good.

7. Confrontation is important. Hurdle explained that confrontation isn’t negative if it’s done with the right intent and honesty. He gave the example of a base runner that gets picked off. Hurdle said, “If a base runner makes what looks like a poor decision, you have to confront it—but do it in the right way. I ask the question, ‘Tell me what you saw out there’ and I listen to the answer. Then, the next day we look at the tapes together and match that up to what he saw at the time. This is a chance to learn. And it’s a lot more effective than yelling at a player ‘that was a stupid play’ in front of the team as he comes into the dugout. He knows he made a mistake. Confrontation, in the right way, is how we learn and understand each other.”

8. Fear has a short shelf life. Fear doesn’t motivate over the long haul.  For a Major League Baseball manager who led the Pirates to their best season in over twenty years, Hurdle isn’t focused just on results. He said, “It’s never about focusing on field results. It’s about how players talk and how they think. They need ownership of the game and the team—and to trust themselves and each other. Then, the results will take care of themselves.”



13u Finish Season with Win!

The 13u team finished the 2013 season with a win.  They were crowned champions of the Indiana Cardinals 5th Annual Jacket Classic in North Vernon July 14th.  Great season boys!

11u Win Lights Over Morse Lake Tournament

The 11u went 5-1 July 4th Weekend to bring home the championship at the Lights Over Morse Lake Tournament in Cicero.  Nice job Guys!

Class of 2013 Bandit Update

The Indiana Bandit Class of 2013 players are busy getting ready for their final HS season of baseball.  Several of last year's 17u Bandits have already made commitments to colleges and several others are considering options.  We wanted to update you on what these young men are looking at now.

  • Confirmed Offers and accepted:
    • Cameron Gruell .... Marian University (Indianapolis) (NAIA)
    • Arin Welsh ... Indiana Tech (Fort Wayne, IN) (NAIA)
    • Austin Niehoff ... Hanover College (Hanover, IN) (NCAA - D3)
    • Cody Wallace ... Lakeland Community College (Illinois) (NJCAA)
    • Seth Gohring ... Dominican University (Chicago) (NCAA - D3)
    • Matt Schwaller ... Ohio Northern University (Ada, OH)  (NCAA - D3)
  • Considering College Offers and pending acceptance:
    • Nick Gwinn ... Wabash College, Manchester University
    • James Brashaber ... Earlham College, DePauw University, Centre College
    • Hunter Orme ... Mount St. Joseph (Cincinnati)
    • Brad McCaslin ... Ohio Wesleyan
    • Spencer Black ... Indiana Wesleyan
    • Johnathan Bowen ... DePauw University
    • Cameron Glaze ... DePauw University, Wabash College
    • Drew Phillips ... Trine University
    • Justin Dunham ... Wabash College
    • Jacob Troxell ... Anderson University, Earlham College
    • Que Stuart ... Macalester College

We'll try to keep this list updated as more information becomes available.  The Bandits and Bandit Coaching Staff are extremely proud of all of our former players.  We'd like to wish each of them much success in the future with their career path.  Best of luck gentlemen!


14u Bandits Win Early Bird Tournament in Morning View, KY!

By focusing on the little things, our 14u Bandit team was crowned the champions of the Early Bird Tournament in Morning View, KY on March 24.  The team went undefeated at the tournament bringing home their first title of the season.  Way to go team!!!!!

Minnesota Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson's up-to-date stats, news, photos, & videos

Kyle Gibson is a Greenfield, Indiana native who was on the first-ever Bandits team that was started by his father Harold. Kyle has had an impressive baseball career with stops along the way at Greenfield Central High School and the University of Missouri, and he continues to impress the professional baseball community now with the MLB's Minnesota Twins. Follow their web page for the latest information about a young man we are so proud of!

From the classic comedy routine

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